I’m Blair Rorani. Nice to meet you .

I started Kea School to help you and your team solve problems creatively.

What does that even mean?

Steve Jobs said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” I think of creative problem solving as connecting existing things in order to create new ideas, some of which can become solutions to your problems.

Understand problems

Before you can jump into solving a problem you need to create a shared understanding of what you’re trying to solve. I’ll teach you how to create a visual map of a problem so you can define the challenge you’re going to tackle.

Generate ideas

Next I’ll teach you how to generate heaps of ideas on demand by connecting technology, trends, big ideas, and patterns from existing products and services with your challenge. This process doesn’t favour people who others already think of as “creative” and can be easily repeated by anyone on your team.

Communicate solutions

Once you’ve come up with an idea that you like, I’ll teach you how tell the story of your idea my making it visible and tangible. That way you can communicate your idea to the people who it will impact and get their feedback before you start building the solution.

Pain relief

  • No more sitting in a room with your lap tops talking.
  • No more asking people to come up with good ideas on the spot.
  • No more feeling left out because you don’t have cool ideas like everyone else.
  • No more asking people to use their imagination to understand your idea.
  • No more designing in isolation and surprising people with a solution that might not be suitable.

Sound like what you’re into? Want to introduce yourself? Got questions?


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